Dr. Mohan uses the wisdom of ayurveda to guide you through an individual regimen for your whole-being wellbeing.

People ready to change their state of health turn to and trust DR. SIVA MOHAN and her Ayurvedic Wellness practice and educational programs to define and achieve whole-being wellness.   Unlike Western medicine that focuses on pharmaceuticals and invasive treatments to relieve symptoms, Dr. Mohan embraces and applies the principles of Ayurveda in her practice.  This is a wholistic approach to identifying the root causes of illness  and addressing them at their source for lasting relief and vastly improved health.   As a direct result of employing the principles of Ayurveda to their lives, patients often welcome benefits that make a profound and positive impact on the quality of their lives within months, even if they have suffered for years.

Svastha Health is not a medical facility, or a licensed health care provider. Although Dr. Mohan has a medical degree from Cornell University, she is not practicing Western (allopathic) medicine and does not maintain a license to practice medicine. 


Dr. Mohan attracts clients whom are seeking to make significant changes in their experience of health. This readiness is predicated on the understanding that long term patterns will have to be addressed, and new responses to life need to be hardwired. This takes time, energy, and commitment. Although ayurveda can be incredibly helpful on an acute basis, this is not the practice at Svastha. Our clients are seeking long-term sustainable change, and we offer the perfect container within which to accomplish that. In fact, Dr. Mohan’s goal is that by the end of our process together, you are  educated, skilled, with the appropriate tools, and feeling completely at ease in functioning as your own ayurvedic practitioner. This desire to empower our clients and put their healing back in their own hands (and hearts), is part of WHAT SETS SVASTHA APART FROM ANY OTHER HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTICE.

You will work with Dr. Mohan for a minimum of a year, in a rhythmic supportive environment. Over the course of our process, you will:

  • learn the practice of ayurveda
  • learn your own health patterns and how the various aspects of your life (relationships, career, routine, diet, etc) are playing into them
  • experience the healing properties of various ayurvedic tools and practices (herbs, foods, yoga, etc.), and learn when to use them
  • develop an individualized program of lifestyle change for your physical, mental and spiritual health
  • learn how to integrate ayurvedic approaches with your current health care


Dr. Mohan sees clients Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 8am-3pm & Thursdays from 10am- 3pm

Type of Appointment

Time (min)


Fee (USD)



We understand that it’s important to feel your health care professionals are a good fit for you. This appointment is designed for prospective clients to come in and get a feel for Dr. Mohan, her process, and how ayurveda may be applied in their specific case. This is an optional appointment, and many clients book an initial consultation as their first appointment with Dr. Mohan.


Intake Meeting

(in person or by phone)

120 together;

60 without you

In this 2 hour appointment, Dr. Mohan gets to know you on as many levels as possible. She reviews intake paperwork, medical records, and discusses aspects of your life playing into your health. You will touch on long term physical and emotional patterns, have your facial lines, tongue and pulse read, and review current medications and supplements. After this initial consultation, Dr. Mohan spends an hour analyzing your chart, and creates a treatment plan. The next appointment’s fees are partially covered by the fee for this appointment. This appointment must be in-person.

$350 in person or by phone; $400 remote location

Report of Findings


During this appointment, Dr. Mohan presents your ayurvedic constitution, reviews current issues, and reveals an individualized treatment plan. You will go home with your first “homework” assignment, as we begin the healing process with this appointment.


Follow-up Visit






After the Report of Findings, you will follow-up with Dr. Mohan with an appointment every 2 weeks for the first several months. Dr. Mohan reviews progress and makes adjustments to your program and “homework.” Then, follow-up appointments are spread out to 3, 4, 6 weeks and so on as determined by your progress. Unless otherwise requested, standard follow-up appointments are 60mins. These appointments may be conducted over the phone, or in person.

Prepay and Save: 5-Pack of 60 min F/U visits is $750 (150/hr)






Professional Guidance: Mentorship


This appointment is for those looking into pursuing a professional ayurvedic path. Meet with Dr. Mohan to ask any questions, discuss school selection, and get help with what you need to embark on your journey.


 Click here for more information on the financial investment of your health


Please email my assistant Jamie at consultations @ (no spaces) for any help getting scheduled. She can also answer any questions you may have about my process with clients. I also offer free 15 minute mini phone consults if you have specific questions you’d like addressed before booking an intake. Jamie can also help you set that up.




• Weaning off of long-term prescription medications
• Successfully using natural herbal formulas to resolve health conditions
• Knowing what to eat when
• Ability to adjust their cooking according to the needs of their families
• Significant reduction in stress, and overwhelm
• Reduced symptoms from chronic conditions (e.g. anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, skin conditions, migraines, allergies, hypertension, arthritis)
• Improved immunity, and reduced frequency of illness
• Less need for Western medical treatment
• Improved quality of sleep, that comes easily and naturally
• Healthier, stronger bones, nails, and hair
• Glowing skin and natural herbal skin care regimens
• Greater connectiion with their hormonal rhythms, and how to handle them
• Gracefully moving through significant health transitions, from pregnancy to cancer-healing
• Improved time management, and circadian rhythms
• More peaceful relationships with loved ones
• The ability to apply this awareness to the way they care for their loved ones, young and old




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