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Veda MeLA Event Update August 22, 2016

Something was not feeling right to me about Veda MeLA, but I didn’t know what it was.

So, I created the space for clarity: a week in healing waters.

Of course, the clarity came: to create the space in my life to slow down, and be more present.

I was moving so fast that I didn’t realize how much I was taking on. Everything was flowing so nicely, that I kept saying, ‘yes!’

I felt uncomfortable with being “behind.” I worried about letting people down and how my new partners at Wanderlust would feel about my bowing out.

You can imagine my delight when they started laughing, and telling me a dozen other factors that were all pointing in the same direction! They were pushing forward out of fear of letting me down! I share this story, as it affirms our teachings: when you are making choices from your highest vibration place, love of your life experience (ananda), it’s always best for everyone. We all felt relieved, heard and supported. We all shared and found a collaborative solution: postpone VM until next year.

We decided to keep our incredible speaker and keynote lineup, our amazing sponsors, and our featured TTs and charities, and give the whole program the support of one year of promotions. This allows us to show up so settled, and in ease, which will attract the experience we are looking for in mothering this event.

I feel so blessed to channel this work of art, Veda MeLA, and that I’ve been so well supported by you, and everyone involved.

I feel even more blessed to exemplify choosing wellness and repletion first.

Please mark your calendars for Saturday November 11, 2017. Yes, that’s 11-11-17, and it will be a powerful energetic gateway for us all. 



Ayurveda for self-care course

May 12-Dec 8. Thursdays 6:45-9:45p. Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA

Learn to embody the wisdom of ayurveda and self-care in this interactive course on the beautiful LMU Campus. Co-teacher Felicia Tomasko and I will guide you through a practical overview of the science, and show you how to integrate it into your everyday life. This is a 100hr course covering the basics on body systems, ayurvedic tools, and psychospiritual applications.


Emotional issues in digestion

June 13.12p. Wayfarer’s Chapel. Rancho Palos Verde, CA

With the prevalence, and morbidity (a Public Health term for suffering), of digestive ailments, it’s important to look past simply what you are eating as the cause. The links between certain emotional patterns and digestive patterns is well established. In this talk, we’ll explore the emotional roots of the most common digestive ailments in  modern urban settings.

Ayurveda for yoga teachers

July 10. 12p. Yoga Works Westwood. Los Angeles, CA

July 17. 1:45p. Yoga Works Larchmont. Los Angeles, CA

These sessions are for Yoga Works TT students (300 hr, and make up).


SELF-Womb Massage Course

July 30 & 31. 10a-4p. Private Residence. Long Beach, CA

This is a special 12-hour immersion self-womb massage course for folks interested in womb wellness, reproductive health, holistic healing, and self-preservation. Womb massage preserves vitality, energy and is a catalyst for creating, healing and cleansing. This ancient art enhances digestion, decreases bloating and weight gain around the abdomen, renews reproductive circulation, and maintains pelvic floor integrity. Regular practice supports hormonal balance, womb alignment, well-being, and overall relaxation. During this program, will meet for a total of 12 hours and cover basic, intermediate, and advanced self-womb massage. The course is interactive, hands-on, and includes a take-home exercise to strengthen your practice. Become a part of this incredible Sobadas community! Learn more HERE.


Teleclass: Anxiety from an Ayurvedic & Psychospiritual Perspective

Aug 15. 7p.

Join me for an hour teleclass hosted by the Calfornia Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. Sign up for their newsletter HERE to receive an invite.


Mantra mix up

Aug 27. 6p. Location TBA. Los Angeles, CA

Siva shares mantras from her childhood, and will give a quick overview of mantra for healing purposes. Chant the mantras, learn their effects, and then keep the upful vibes going with live MCs and DJs. Ayurveda Craft Cocktails, and Pranaful will serve up delectables while you feed your soul with healing sounds. This is an official Pre-Bhaktifest event to get you in the bhav!



Sept 8-10. Joshua Tree, CA

Join Siva for her 5th Bhaktifest! After lectures, Siva offers the opportunity for a complimentary mini-consult at the festival. So hang out afterwards, and let her assistant know you’re interested in having her point you in the right direction towards your healing goals. Her lectures are usually sponsored, so you may also come away with some lovely ayurvedic product giveaways.

Polestar: A Spiritual Community

Sept 18. Hawaii

Free Intro to Ayurveda Talk at this beautiful yoga and meditation center in Hawaii: Check it out


Fall self-care practices

Oct 2. 12p. Seventh Chakra Studio. Huntington Beach, CA

Join us for a simple overview of Fall Season energetics, and tools to balance.

This will be the first of a new series of lectures on Ayurveda at Seventh Chakra, which launches in March of 2017.






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