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These presentations are free to attend. Teatime’s are held from 2-4PM at a private residence, NOT at our Ocean Blvd location–Please RSVP below for location and directions, and so we can accommodate the expected number of guests.

Our goal is to continue to provide valuable resources to our ayurvedic community. Please let us know if you have a topic of interest, or would like to present.  If there is a topic that you would like to learn more about, email us at


Saturday March 22 2014 ~ Making Ghee with Dr. Mohan  NEW TOPIC: Weight Loss

Oftentimes, clients come to me with the explicit purpose of losing weight. Perhaps, more often, is that they naturally shed extra weight in the course of our work together.  That’s because physical weight gain is always related to emotional baggage. Here is an article on Spring Cleaning Your Heart. Of course, they are delighted. And even moreso that it’s sustainable weight loss.  Since I’m on this journey myself, and since we’re thinking bikinis right now, I decided to make this Teatime gathering about weight loss from an ayurvedic perspective. Come have some healthy Aadhi cuisine and learn about how to do this in a non-fad-diet way.

We’ll also have chef Ranmalee’s Aadhi Cuisine available to nourish your belly and heart! Bring your appetite for this beautiful and green ayurvedic meal! 

Saturday June 7  2014 ~TBA


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Saturday February 1 2014 “The Wish (TM)” presented by Dana Crawford & Diane Dahi

The Wish® is the amazing intuitive energy game, that’s helping thousands of people around the world to manifest their greatest wishes for: financial freedom, true love, their dream job, life purpose, health and wellbeing, peace and happiness. The secret to The Wish’s success is the game’s unique ability to help you identify and clear the blocks standing in the way of your wishes and to shift you into the flow of positive thoughts and energy vibrations aligned with your wish coming true.

Sunday December 8 2013 ~ Green Your Home ~ DIY Natural Cleaning Party with Ana Belen                                     I’ve been loving making my own household cleaning products and want to share the joy. Ana will go over the main ingredients and share her recipes. We’ll send a list of items to your inbox which you can bring if you would like to make products with us (you’ll receive when you RSVP). 

Sunday November 10th ~ Diwali Intention Setting Ceremony                                                                                  

Diwali, aka Indian New Year’s, is the Hindu Festival of Light. Burning candles throughout the night is a symbolic practice: transforming gross matter (cotton wick and ghee) into subtle matter (light and heat energy) is what we hope to achieve through our spiritual practices. We celebrate the light in our lives as we enter the season of darkness (winter)—what I call preventive medicine:) This year I want to focus on celebrating success as a light in our lives. This special Teatime is going to be family-friendly, a potluck, and may involve a drum circle too.

Friday September 13 2013 12pm ~ Juicing and Ayurveda  with Siva   

Because this was a virtual Teatime, you can watch the video recap(itulation) here. Learn about how you can juice while following an Ayurvedic path, and how to tailor juicing specifically for you.

Sunday August 25 2013 ~ Hate Your Job but too scared to leave?
We heard from two incredible women, Celine Cordero and Virginia Zart, who actually left their long-term, highly lucrative (and highly stressful) jobs as part of their healing process. We discussed the phases of the process of cultivating a career you love, and some of the obstacles along the way, as well as tools to overcome those obstacles.

Sunday June 9 2013  ~ Finding Dharma: Recapturing Your Soul’s Mission with Debbie Barnett.                                     Yogini, Author, Speaker and Successful Entrepreneur, Debbie created an outline of important facets in the journey to connecting to your sense of life purpose and direction.

Sunday April 28 2013 ~ Violet Rangel joined us to discuss ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’
This insightful book reveals that within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.

Sunday March 10 2013 ~ Ayurvedic Cold Remedies with Siva         Dr. Mohan revealed some of her favorite cold remedies, and taught us how to turn a kitchen into an apothecary.

Friday February 8 2013 ~ Online Event with Tova Pusl From Functional Families
Often parents find themselves caught between connection with their children and the rapid pace of society; leaving themselves frustrated and reactive. Having to be on time to work, school, and activities can lead to rushing, yelling, and hurtful disconnection. In addition, we adults often do not understand why our kids are behaving in that way! Whether it’s refusing to put their shoes on, brush their teeth or hitting their siblings, “Why do they do that?!”Tova Pusl is the mother of two school age boys and a Parent Educator certified at Echo Parenting and Education. Because our children do not come with a parenting manual, Tova teaches Parenting Tools. These tools include: Intentional Parenting, Understanding Child & Brain Development, Reflections Upon Our Childhood, Anger, Limit Setting and more.

Sunday December 2 2012 ~ David Watts, Introduction to Shamanic Healing
Soul retrievals, sacred journeys, power animals…come learn about some of the basic approaches and tools of Shamanic Healing with a gifted guide.

I wanted to thank you, again, for providing such wonderful opportunities to experience Sangha.  I enjoy seeing familiar faces & meeting new people every time.  I always leave feeling enriched & renewed.  Even though I have been blessed by the benefits of meditation for many years, the discussion gave me many things to reflect on & has refreshed my awareness during meditation.  Something you said changed me.  You said that every thing we do can be meditation.  Since then, my way of perceiving, thinking, feeling, & acting have changed.  It’s difficult describe, but instead of my mind running all around, over, & through things, it has slowed down & it’s focusing on individual things & moments.  While doing things, like the dishes, my mind becomes very focused, but not full of millions of thoughts.  Anyway, it’s very relaxing & pleasant & amazingly wonderful to get sense of a meditative state while accomplishing some of the necessary tasks of life!–Ananda

Sunday Oct 7 2012 ~ Kitchardi Making with Dr. Mohan
Learn how to make this “ayurvedic superfood” which is appropriate for rejuvenating and detoxifying. We’ll discuss recipes, variations, and benefits.

Sunday Sept 9 2012 ~ Lana Shlafer & Doyle Smiens, Haelan Coaching
Lana and Doyle joined Dr. Mohan to discuss powerful practices for creating the reality you desire. We all have a certain experiences we are hoping for in the many various aspects of our lives: relationships, finances, health, etc.  There are many wonderful practices from various cultures that offer us tools to envision, and co-create our desired reality. Haelan is an Old English word that means ‘to make whole.’ Based in the teachings of Esther Hicks, the law of attraction, Carolyn Myss, and even yogic philosophy, Lana and Doyle offer Haelan coaching as a supported process to manifest your intentions into your reality. In this teatime, Lana and Doyle demonstrated how the Haelan coaching process works through live demonstrations.

Sunday June 10 2012 ~ Erika Faith from Cloud Nine Yoga  Embodying The Radiance Sutras
The great and ancient holy text called the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra has been the inspiration of many scholars throughout the centuries. Join Erika as she delves into the playful, powerful and pleasurable poetry of The Radiance Sutras, a translation by Dr. Lorin Roche. We will read, sing, act, move, dance and express the sacred words that animate this Life Wisdom that is beyond space and time.

I wish to thank you for the wonderful, and most amazing Sacred Circle Tea yesterday.  Grateful for Amanda for mentioning to me. It was most divine and moving to be in the company of you all, and be honored is such a beautiful way.–Mary

Sunday March 4 2012 ~ Laura Amazzone, Female sexuality, divinity, and power
I am so honored to have Laura come speak on this important and yet often misunderstood topic of Tantra. Women on the path of becoming more conscious of your inherent nature–this is a must attend! I highly recommend her book, Goddess Durga: Sacred Female Power.

Really enjoyed SvasthaHealth Ayurveda teatime this afternoon featuring an author who has written an incredible book that I highly recommend for women who want to learn more about coming into their fullest creative and Divine Feminine. And Miela (my daughter)  loved it too because she already knows her birth-given infinite brilliance and power. :-) –Lana

Sunday Dec 4 2011 ~ Angela and Peter Vroom, Vedic meditation
Overwhelmed with the concept of daily meditation practice? Angela and Peter give a great starting place from which to approach meditation in a realistic way for modern life.

Sunday Oct 30 2011 ~ Diwali Intention Setting Ceremony
Diwali, aka Indian New Year’s, is the Hindu Festival of Light. Burning candles throughout the night is a symbolic practice: transforming gross matter (cotton wick and ghee) into subtle matter (light and heat energy) is what we hope to achieve through our spiritual practices. We celebrate the light in our lives as we enter the season of darkness (winter)—what I call preventive medicine:)

Sunday Sept 18 2011 ~ Panel Discussion: Motherhood, Yoga & Ayurveda
Women sharing their stories…come share yours and learn from the experience of your community. Panel members include Sheetal Narsai (AyD in Ayurveda, kinesiologist, interned in OBGYN in India); Lauren Jacobs (local doula, pre/post natal yoga instructor and soon to be midwife); Lana Shlafer (local yoga teacher, home-birthed her twins, counseling); Aleks Evanguelidi (midwife, yogi and owner of the Birth Sanctuary in Venice) and Angela Vroom (Meditation instructor, yogi, natural birther).

Sunday July 24 2011 ~ Making Ghee with Dr. Mohan
Come learn why ayurveda regards ghee (clarified butter) as an essential food for healthy tissues, proper digestion, and mental clarity. We’ll review the benefits of ghee and demonstrate how to make ghee in your own kitchen! Bring a Pyrex glass measuring cup, a strainer or cheesecloth, and organic butter if you would like to take some ghee home.

Sunday June 12 2011 ~ Matthew Spencer, yoga therapy
Matt Spencer began practicing yoga in 2000, and started teaching in 2007, and has been a professional musician for over 20 years, having studied jazz at the University of North Texas. He is a 500 hr certified teacher through YogaWorks, and certified as a yoga therapist, through AVI  in the Viniyoga tradition. Being a yoga therapist, he is trained to manage acute, chronic, and serious health conditions using therapeutically applied and adapted tools of yoga, like asana, breath and movement, pranayama, chanting, self-reflective meditation, ayurveda, and yoga philosophy.

Sunday May 15 2011 ~ Jacob Griscom, Growing a Conscious Business
When I started my Ayurvedic practice I realized, like many holistic health practitioners, that knowledge of these incredible systems was not enough to create a successful business. I also needed to learn how to clearly communicate the power and ability of these systems to address their needs: finding their ideal weight, reducing stress, addressing the root causes of chronic diseases like diabetes and thyroid disorders. When I addressed specific groups of people with specific needs, the response and results were fantastic.  Since those early days with my practice, I’ve spent a lot of time understanding sustainability and social justice and have become a leader in these fields . The mission of Everyday Ayurveda is to empower Ayurvedic practitioners and students to build successful businesses and become leaders of systemic and cultural change in their communities.

Wow! I had another life transformation at SvasthaHealth Ayurveda‘s TeaTime. Laura Amazzone, the author of “Goddess Durga & Sacred Female Power”, shared such wonderful & empowering information. The other goddesses in attendance provided such amazing energy for a very inspiring & uplifting experience. Thanks to Siva for hosting another nurturing Sangha. You are a beautiful mothering spirit of our community! Aho, Sat-nam, Namaste’–Maria




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